Live rupturing ectopic pregnancy:


        Adnexal mass

        Fetal cardiac pulsations.

        Ipsilateral corpus luteal cyst

        Free fluid in the cul-de-sac


Tubal Ring:


        Normal right ovary.

        Tubal ring adjacent to left ovary.

        Tubal ring separate from ovary

  • No free fluid in cul-de-sac



Tubal Mass / Hematosalpinx.




Corpus Luteum adjacent to Ectopic Pregnancy



Video clip of live Ectopic Pregnancy.

Video clip of Ectopic Gestational Sac and Yolk Sac.



Live monochorionic diamniotic twin ectopic pregnancies









        Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy

        Unruptured but no fetal heartbeat.

        Ipsilateral corpus luteal cyst.
















         Ovarian Ectopic Pregnancy (rare)

  • Gestational sac, yolk sac and fetal pole seen in the ovary.
  • No fetal heart-beat could be recorded.
  • Findings confirmed at laparoscopic removal.














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