A pseudocyst is a cavity that forms from liquefaction or mucoid degeneration of Wharton's jelly. It has no epithelial lining and its etiology is unknown. Large masses of mucus in the umbilical cord are usually associated with hemangiomas of the umbilical cord, also called angiomyxomas. The large pseudocysts are probably fluid collections produced by this tumor. The fluid cannot escape through the thick epithelium of the umbilical cord and appears as a large cystic mass (1).

Bergman 1962 (2); 2 cases - one stillborn and one alive and normal.
Iaccarino 1986 (3); 7cm cyst compressing the umbilical vessels and IUGR. The pregnancy was terminated.



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Trisomy 18:

        Multiple umbilical cord pseudocysts.

        Two vessel cord



Umbilical cord pseudocyst at 13 weeks of gestation



True and pseudocysts of the cord have similar appearances; true cysts are usually associated with anomalies of the umbilicus and / or bladder such as omphalocele or patent urachus.





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